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Terms of Access and Privacy Policy

The main underlying principle of our agency is - confidentiality.

To comply with this principle, we take the necessary precautions to applicants who wish to use the services of our agency. To ensure that the directory will not be able to see random people to each candidate to show leaves our representative.

To confirm the seriousness of your intentions, rather than the desire to satisfy idle curiosity, anyone who wishes to use the services of the agency, pay to view the catalog with photos of our models. The amount is 70 Euro.


Escort Prices

1 hour - 3000 rubles

3 o'clock - 9000 rubles

8 hours - from 20 000 rubles

Order issued for the duration of 3 hours

Day and night (time tracking is discussed with the client paid service to provide personnel) of 24 000 rubles.

Twenty-four hours (paid when a customer orders a support at the time more than ten hours but not more than 24 hours) - 26 000 rubles.

Individual programs

Booking a meeting place from 2000 rubles

Booking a car from 3000 rubles

Payment for services reservations, compiling and organizing the program - 2000 rubles.


Our commitment:

After payment you will be available all the resources agencies and the clock support. You will be notified of new items, and be able to view photos on the site. On the site we have placed photos of the girls the most relevant facts. We appreciate your time and try to give the most truthful picture of the girl.

You can also drive up to us or call our agent to show the entire catalog or new products.

Agency provides you with a specific phone you have chosen a girl. All calculations were carried out for the time you are not made indirectly with the girl at the beginning of your meeting. Your non-traditional wishes to deal with individual girl and usually require additional charges. Agency does not assume responsibility for the decisions girls.

If you are interested in a specific girl, it is desirable to arrange a meeting with her in advance. If you make a selection from several candidates, you can count on a meeting in the near future (but usually not earlier than one hour). If you rely on our choice, we can also quickly enough to provide you a pleasant selection of the company for the evening, to travel out of the city and stuff.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with one or the other girl, then you have 20 minutes to make a decision, then you should contact the dispatcher to inform him about it. If possible, shall make a replacement. We are used to compensate the girl spent the time. The amount of compensation is 100 euros.


Your violations:

Clients, allowing a uncleanliness (transfer login and password into the wrong hands, the demonstration of the contents of the closed section of the site to third parties), is denied access to this section and forever lose the right to use the services of the agency.

It is worth remembering that the information is all confidential. Exceptions are: the agent who works directly with you and the people you want to devote themselves to it.

Among the girls attracted to work in the agency - is known to the public representatives of show business, which also require confidentiality.

Keeping the above mentioned principle, we do not publish their photographs on the Internet is open, where images can be available to view for people unable to afford to enjoy the pleasure of communicating with those who submitted photos.

Here is the information that we can tell in the press about the activities of the agency.

More detailed information can be obtained by contacting the manager of our agency.








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