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Romantic Dating

Romantic Dating

On the street it is impregnable, the exhibition - with friends in a cafe - with a girlfriend.

The car in the left lane is speeding you past it to a business meeting ... You are a business, confident that took place, possibly married ... and you do not have the time and opportunity to meet.

It can be pretty serious affair;

This may be flirting with the invitation;

This can be sponsored.


Every girl and lady, their specific comments and suggestions. This is what is interesting is the introduction. You can take care of nicely, but can be done quickly and expensive.

Program "Just coffee."

How many attractive, interesting women, with which relations could be relatively happy, but you still do not know! You just need to submit to each other. That is what we do with pleasure, exercise program "just coffee"!

Meet over coffee and talk about nothing - the best way to start discovering and feel whether to continue? In the short time we will show you models, photo models, fashion models. You can participate in these meetings to light until one day, your heart is not "eknet" in the form of a seated model of the coffee shop.

The Agency organizes a meeting over a cup of coffee. We guarantee that all the girls with whom you are acquainted with our participation, will be, free and located in the search for new real relationship. While this is just coffee, but only you decide what it can become in your life.

The price of 700 EURO.




We can carry out an individual to find your companion in Russia, abroad, as well as abroad.

It is a service - for those who want to find happiness seriously and does not intend to completely trust the occasion.

The cost of services the agency negotiated depending on complexity, length of search and set your goals.






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